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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    At Gold Bar School, personal excellence is the standard.  We believe that teaching and learning are the most important activities that take place in our school, accomplished through a partnership with student, staff, parent and community.  We believe each child is unique and valued for his strengths, interests and needs, each child can experience success as a learner, each child needs a safe and secure environment in which to learn, and that learning truly is a life long process.  We are committed to a problem solving approach to learning, and to maximizing student engagement while increasing student ownership for their learning.  We believe in setting the highest expectations for all staff, students and community members to be responsible citizens, respectful of individuals and their differences.


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Located in Southeast Edmonton, Gold Bar School takes pride in being a place where children learn and grow in a caring, supportive and encouraging environment.  Staff work as a strong collaborative team to meet the needs of all our learners.

We provide a diverse range of extra-curricular acitivites and clubs for students in order to enhance their citizenship and character qualities.  Students are held accountable to our TEAMS expectations: Think and act safely, Encourage and support others, Always try your best, Make good choices, and Show respect by helping, sharing and caring for others.  Everything that happens at Gold Bar measures up to these expectations.

Our school community of staff, students, and parents work in a strong partnership to provide challenging learning experiences that help all our students achieve to their highest level.  We have created a welcoming and supportive learning environment that one feels immediately upon entering our doors.


Principal's Message

Welcome to Gold Bar School!

At Edmonton Public Schools our mission is to “Inspire student success through high quality learning opportunities, supported by meaningfully engaged students, parents, staff and community.”   At Gold Bar School we are committed to this mission, and strive to provide exemplary learning experiences for each and every one of our students in a warm and inviting environment!

Our highly skilled Gold Bar staff work collaboratively to meet the needs of our students, and all of our decisions are made with student growth and achievement foremost in our mind.  Student growth, achievement and safety are the driving forces behind all of our practices. 

We are grateful for the support of our Parent Council and Parent Society which, through the years, has enabled us to provided new opportunities to our students via technology, fieldtrips and so much more.  We are eagerly anticipating a new play structure to be built in the spring of 2018 because of their efforts.  Thank you!

You will find a copy of our Parent Handbook on this website.  This handbook contains a great deal of information, calendar dates, procedures and expectations.  We ask that all parents read and review this with their child yearly.  

It is of utmost importance to us that we are connected and that you receive inormation in a timely manner.  Accessing SchoolZone is an essential part of this as it is our main source of communication.  If you do not have a current username and password, please contact the office and we will provide a new one for you.  Also, please follow us on Twitter @goldbarschool to see what is happening in and around the school. 

I look forward to getting to know each of the students and families here at Gold Bar School as we work to reach for our dreams together.

Michelle Korchinski