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There are many ways that parents/caregivers can volunteer throughout the year, from big, school wide events to helping in individual classrooms.  Please fill out the volunteer form at the beginning of the year and also talk with your child's teacher.  This is a great opportunity to be involved in your child's school and make it a better place for all students.


Here are a few of the ways parents can support our school: 

  • reading with students
  • tracking home reading books
  • helping with bulletin boards 
  • art project preparation 
  • attending field trips 
  • preparing hot lunches 
  • Events:  Welcome Back Celebration, Double Nickel Carnival, Fit In, Talent Show, etc.  
  • Garden club 
  • Running club
  • Library club
  • Free Footie/ Basketball
  • taking a role on School Council or Parent Advisory
  • working a casino shift 
  • and many more!  

We recognize that families have different responsibilities and abilities in terms of volunteering.  We value and appreciate all efforts!